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Nudge is a platform that empowers people to build up economic resilience.

We work to foster savings communities, to develop livable financial goals, and to connect people with the tools, skills, and resources they need to develop a savings mindset.

Using principles from behavioral economics and gamification, Nudge promotes a culture of saving through three pillars:


  • Connect you to people who are struggling with your same goal

  • Build a support network / community, working together towards your same goal


  • Positive Nudges to remind people their goals

  • Partner with leading budgeting, spending tracking apps


  • Connect to personal advising and coaching

  • Work with traditional bankings for the product you want

At Nudge, we believe economic resilience, or the ability to recover quickly from an unexpected emergency, is within everyone’s reach.

million households are unbanked.

55% believe banks are “not at all interested” in serving their needs. Heavy overdrafters spend up to 25% of their income on overdraft fees.

of un- or under-banked Americans directly deposit their paychecks onto a prepaid card

7% use loans from pawnshops to make ends meet.

of average household expenses go towards essential needs

Including housing (34%), transportation (15%), and Food (13%).

Americans have less than $1,000 saved

34% have nothing saved at all.

of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

I work two jobs but that money isn’t mine… It goes to Capital One, and to pay bills. After everything, I am lucky if I can get a sandwich.

The only way I could save to pay for stuff is if it came directly out of my paycheck, I wouldn’t be able to save to pay for it. Money runs a hole in my pocket.

I have rollover [to help me save] but it costs me $5 every month… And usually, that is everything I end up saving.

I just do what I need to survive… I’m black and Puerto Rican so I know what it’s like to be broke. It’s part of the culture.

  • I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE | Managing the collective power of our community, we facilitate practices that lift everyone together.
  • NO SURPRISES | Predictability is key when it comes to your finances. We work to create contingency plans so that when an emergency happens, you are already prepared.
  • FINANCE SHOULD BE LIVABLE | We don’t believe in one-size fits all approaches because every circumstance is different. We work to create financial plans that are sensible to your needs.
  • SMALL ACHIEVEMENTS MATTER | Small steps every day lead to big change. changes. We recognize every step you take towards financial health.
  • NUDGE, NOT NAG | We will never force you to do anything you don’t want or understand. We use your information to service you better and you can opt out any time.